Alternative ‘Superfood’ Lattés

A latté is known as the name of a drink made with milk, traditionally with a shot of espresso coffee and in Italy it is referred to as a milky coffee.  But for those not wanting to endure caffeine and want to enjoy something healthier there is a range of Australian made, Vedic powders that deliver a 100% natural, vegan friendly, sugar & gluten free alternative;

Turmeric Powder (yellow), Beetroot Blend Velvet Powder (red), Matcha Powder (green).

Ayurvedic philosophy follows the ancient medicine of India, which uses authentic herbs and spices to cleanse the body, boost the immune system to help defend against disease and keep the mind, body and spirit calm and in balance.

These three Vedic powders follow age-old culture and each hold many individual unique health benefits which are easily found by adding ½ teaspoon in a cup mixed with your choice of milk.  For best results, to make your alternative latté also dairy free try using almond, cashew, soy, macadamia or even coconut milk to get that latté effect. These alternative healthy lattés can be enjoyed day and night, hot or cold, adding powerful health benefits to your diet, rich in antioxidants and taste delicious too.

Turmeric ‘Golden Milk’ Latté

Turmeric is the no. 1 spice used in Ayurvedic kitchens and the main compound, curcumin not only gives turmeric the bright yellow colour but also has many scientifically proven health benefits, which may help:

assist memory & brain function

protect against heart disease & alzheimer’s

improve symptoms of depression & arthritis

reduce inflammation & joint pain

lower blood sugar levels

boost immune system

Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory that has over 150 potentially therapeutic activities, including:

antimicrobial & anti-cancer properties


Mix just ½ teaspoon with your favourite milk to create a healthy hit that works wonders for your body and is soothing for the soul, making you feel good. You can drink this latté hot or cold, and is referred to fondly as ‘Golden Milk’, a healing beverage.


Matcha Latté

By being made with high quality green tea leaves, Matcha is known as a superfood, containing a polyphenol called EGCG which has been shown in research to:

boost metabolism

slow or halt the growth of cancer cells

burn calories

naturally detoxifies

calms the mind and relaxes the body

rich in fibre & vitamins

clear mental focus and aid memory and concentration and reaffirm your mood


The health benefits of a matcha latté exceed those of green tea because when you drink matcha you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water.  Mix just ½ teaspoon with your choice of milk and you have a lime green explosion of antioxidant goodness.


Beetroot ‘Velvet’ Latté

Beetroot is known as another superfood with known qualities to:

lower blood pressure

improve digestion

slow dementia

promotes healthy weight

cancer preventer

good source of potassium

boost metabolism

detox and lose weight

rich in magnesium, a mineral that supports optimal nerve and muscle functioning


It becomes a nutriential dusty pink milk latté when you add just ½ teaspoon to your choice of milk, hot or cold and is such a healthy boost for your body.

These three healthy alternative latté powders each pack a powerful Ayurvedic hit. They are Australian made, 100% natural, vegan friendly, sugar & gluten free and an excellent natural alternative to a coffee latté.  Drink. Relax. Enjoy.