Chai Can Change Your Life


Tea is just a word

Chai is an emotion – Prachi Mate

Chai simply means ‘tea’ originally from the Chinese word for tea. Chai Tea has universally become known around the world as spiced tea, traditionally served with milk and usually sweetened with honey or sugar.The popularity of Chai Tea as we know it today originates back between 5000 – 9000 years ago from India where they added a diverse array of spices to black tea as a healing Ayurveda (Ancient Indian Medicine) beverage for aiding minor ailments.

The more we learn about Chai, as it is increasingly enjoyed worldwide the more health benefits we discover about this unique tea blend mixed with aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Chai has been cherished for centuries for its ability to preserve health, act as a natural digestive and increase peace of mind whilst giving you a wonderful sense of well being.

To appreciate the full extent of the health benefits of Chai Tea we must separate the botanical components of the ingredients to understand what each has to offer. Every individual spice contains its own unique properties and combined together they can be even more powerful for the body.

Depending on the region, this will dictate what actual spices are used to flavor Chai. In any Chai mix you will always find cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, star anise and black pepper. When combined with black tea leaves, these traditional ingredients are remarkable for their health attributes.

Cardamom: detoxifies body, improves circulation

Cinnamon: balances blood sugar, antibacterial, increases circulation

Ginger: aids digestion, boosts immunity, anti inflammatory

Cloves: analgesic, antibacterial

Star Anise: antioxidant, enhances immune system

Black Pepper: antibacterial, antioxidant, aids digestion

The compounds in black tea leaves include a healthy substance called polyphenols, which are known for their antioxidants, helping to protect cells from DNA damage. Research continues to show black tea has been linked to increase attention and focus, protect against Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s and improve cardiovascular health.

An authentic, traditional spiced Chai when infused with milk offers even more nutritional goodness. It’s caffeine free and by replacing just one of your daily cups of coffee with a delicious chai latte you could make a huge difference to your health, by nourishing and balancing the body and mind. A cup of Chai in the afternoon is more than an afternoon pick-me-up; it’s a healthy hug of happiness without the caffeine.

You can further maximize the health benefits of your Chai experience by making your Chai Latte with a plant-based milk alternative. Perfect for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or just looking for a healthy beverage option.

Almond: vitamin D, low in fat, antioxidant

Soy: protein, vitamins A & B-12, potassium

Cashew: iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous

Coconut: super food, antimicrobial, antibacterial

Oat: heart friendly, vitamins A, B, C, D & E

Macadamia: essential fatty acids, vitamins A & E

Hazelnut: low in fat, high in B vitamins

The ancient beverage Chai Tea with its intoxicating blend of fragrant spices is treasured the world over not only for its vital health benefits but delicious flavour to be enjoyed all day – every day!